How Ryder kicked his way into the world

One of the main reasons for me starting to blog is to document our life and all of our adventures so it seems fitting that my first blog post be about the biggest adventure we’ve had, how we became a family of 3 (plus 2 dogs).

First Family Photo

On Friday September 9th 2016 I had my 37 week Dr Appointment and was told it’s looking like he could come early but not necessarily, otherwise he was head down and seemed to be in perfect health. On Sunday night as I was laying down to sleep he was tossing, turning and kicking a ton which was fairly normal at bedtime for us. The Evening of Monday September 12th I made Kyle a glass of pineapple juice and rum while talking with my mother on the phone. The oven was buzzing, signaling dinner was ready,  I got off the phone and went to the kitchen. Kyle was working nearby in our dining/office. I made him another drink and when I turned around to turn off the oven, I felt myself uncontrollably peeing a large amount of fluid, turned out it wasn’t pee… it was my watering breaking,  it was exactly 8:10 pm. I was standing in place, shocked and shouted at Kyle, “I think my water just broke….” he jumped up with a shocked “oh shit look” and said… “I’m a little drunk…” I just busted out laughing and said “well… we need to go to the hospital, so sober up!” As everyone can imagine, hearing your first baby is on the way, is sobering enough. Once we gathered our things and were on the way to the hospital, I called to let my parents know little baby R was on his way (we kept his name a secret). As we got closer to the hospital my contractions started, they were still fairly light, but that would all change quickly enough.

When we got to Labor and Delivery we found out our Dr. was already there, helping another baby into this world, so I wouldn’t have to wait, AWESOME! She came in to check my dilation and vitals and said “oh yep that’s a heel…” I knew in that moment the next words that would come out of her mouth and my heart sank. “That means we need to get you prepped for a C-Section” Now yes I know there are natural ways to turn a baby and that is always ideal over a C Section but 1. I trust my Dr’s judgement 2. This baby was coming fast and we didn’t have time for that. 3. keep reading and see…

My contractions were getting very intense at this point and increasing very quickly. Kyle was a great partner and trying to get me to do the breathing techniques we learned at birthing class but all I could do was take deep breaths in and deep exhales out, trying to work through the worst pain I had ever felt. I’m still curious to this day how far along I got, how close was I to not needing any medication? To be honest I had not planned for an emergency C-Section, and I was terrified. “Wait no no this wasn’t the plan…” I remember just looking at Kyle with fear and uncertainty.

I was taken to prep and Kyle was taken to the “waiting place” (Dr. Seuss reference anyone?) they asked me to sit up on the edge of the bed so they could administer the spinal tap. They had to go find a step stool because I was too short to get up on the bed. Short girl problem if I ever heard one! From that moment on, much of the delivery is a blur. Next thing I know I am laying on the bed, they have brought Kyle back in and are ready to start the C-Section. Months later I found out that between getting my spinal tap and Kyle returning it was over 30 minutes! That blew my mind because I thought it was maybe 5 minutes. During that time he called our families and caught them up on what was going on.

My Dr. starts the C-Section and was doing a great job communicating everything she was doing and how it was going. Then she says to her Nurse “Oh look! The cord is around his neck, loop it off.” She must have sensed our concern and quickly let us know they just looped it off, he’s fine, it happens. I still to this day think how badly that could have turned out if we did try to wait and turn him, In a weird way we were lucky that we were already in a C-Section. 10:10 pm (just 2 hours after my water broke) Ryder comes out screaming like he should and our Dr says “Wow he looks great! That is the pinkest baby we’ve had in awhile” They call Kyle over to Ryder and he gets to hold our baby boy for the first time.


Kyle walks Ryder into the recovery room while I’m being stitched up. Later Kyle told me while he was alone with our new baby, he was just looking at Ryder in awe and thinking “my life just completely changed” . Women have the 9 months of feeling a baby grow inside of them but for men it’s goes from no baby to baby in an instant, it must be a weird feeling for men…


I joined my boys in the recovery room where they started taking vitals and measurements , etc. After my shakes went down, I was able to hold and nurse my baby boy for the first time, and I already loved him so much.

Ryder Sinclair – 9/12/16 – 10:10pm – 5lb 15oz – 18.5″ long





  1. Your dad and I are so proud of you. I love reading this story and it all came back in a flood of emotion you and Kyle blessing us with our first grandchild. I know your blog will be a great success. Happy birthday Michelle.


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