Hello my name is Perspective

Perspective keeps popping up in everything I hear and read today. It feels like a voice is saying “hey! Hello? My name is perspective and I’m yelling at you today!”

So I’m going to be vulnerable and open up about some things that perspective hit me in the face with recently.

I see a lot of articles come across my Facebook that put motherhood in perspective and they touch my heart and I just want to go snuggle my baby after reading them (sound familiar?) but the next day I’m getting frustrated as my child is trying to help with sweeping and he’s going very slow and walking right into the pile of dust bunnies that we just swept up. Then perspective whispers “he’s learning how to help… and genuinely trying at a life skill.”

Up until this week, Ryder spent the summer mornings in Montessori school, giving me a chance to work and catch up on some needed household things. The school had emailed me that it was time to decided if I wanted to reenroll him for the Fall. With that on my mind, I was driving home after dropping him off and perspective smacked me in the face. I began to cry as I realized I basically have 5-6 years of him being at home with me before he’s in school and 2 of those years are already gone… that time is going to go by so fast. I have been blessed to be able to work from home with him yet I’m choosing not to? That’s not what I wanted… so Im choosing to not reenroll him. Please know I by no means think moms that choose to work instead of staying home are wrong, it’s such a personal choice and one I’ve obviously struggled with.

There are many things in life like that, where a little perspective can change your outlook in an instant. I’m annoyed the weeds are out of control, but I have a yard for my kid to have adventures in. I hate doing Laundry , but how lucky am I to have a family that fills those clothes? For some people this kind of perspective comes natural to them all the time. For others, like myself, it takes a little more conscious effort at times and that’s ok, I’m a work in progress.

I challenge all of you this week to take a step back when your feeling frustrated or annoyed and find the perspective. Let go of all the expectations you’ve put on yourself and enjoy the little things.

Enjoying a spontaneous playful moment with Ryder


  1. Children of working Moms are more independent. half a day is not much so if you reconsider it that’s ok too. I was such a terrible Mom that Bruce and Charlotte preferred daycare and they learn so much! And if you want to keep him home well what the heck that is ok too. Do what feels right for your family and don’t worry about other people’s perspective. So people have such lousy values that I wouldn’t want to see things from thier perspective. One thing Did you ask Tocket Man if he wants to stay at home with Mommy? That is one persons persective that deserves consideration. Love you


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