Amazon Home Favorites

Hi Friends,
Man, it has been a week… Ryder got a mysterious rash that turned out to be a viral infection. Plus, things have just been a little hectic so, I wanted to do something more light and fun on the blog, to end the week on a happy note! I love interior design and anything home goods so I updated my Shop Page of the Blog with a curated selection of my current Amazon Home favorites. I would say my style is Eclectic, I like a lot of different things and styles. I enjoy trying to figure out how to make my glamorous, mid Century modern, hipster, farmhouse style all coordinate together without looking too crazy. Right now I have about 30 items under “Home” but expect to add more as I shop online (any other late night amazon wish list makers out there?) I love everything I put on the Shop, some I have, some are like items that I have, some are just wish list items but below are my top 5 favorites. Let me know what your favorites are in the comments. GO TO SHOP PAGE TO SEE ALL PICKS

To be Continued: Kids style, Women’s Style, and Beauty/Self-care

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