50 Small Town Date Ideas

When Kyle and I lived in Dallas, there was always some fun new place to go check out or eat at. So moving to a small town with MUCH less obvious things to do means we save money not going out (win!) but also we have to get a bit more creative with date ideas. Most of these are pretty budget friendly because who wants to spend $200 every date night? Hopefully you’ll find a few new ideas for date night or have fun trying them all!

1. Stroll your downtown shops.

2. Take a hike. Download the All Trails App to find one near you.

3. Pack a picnic and find a park to relax in.

4. Find open houses to go tour. We love doing this one!

5. Movie theatre or Drive in movie . Even small towns usually have a movie theater somewhere near by.

6. Peach, cherry, apple picking. Find a U-pick farm.

7. Golf. I’m terrible golfer so Mini Golf counts right?

8. Go swimming at the Community Center or local pool.

9. Stroll a book store, grab a coffee , and read quietly together. Or leave notes in your favorite books to it’s future reader.

10. Cook together. We use to cook a full meal on Saturday nights, trying a new unique recipe.

11. Go to lake/pond/river. Rent a canoe or paddle board.

12. Plan out your Dream home together. Pull all those Pinterest pictures together.

13. Go Star gazing, don’t forget binoculars and blanket.

14. Tour a local historical site, go to all of them if you have time!

15. Play pool or darts at your local bar.

16. Backyard camping- pitch a tent and roast marshmallows over fire pit.

17. Sleepover style movie night. Full of snacks, floor pallets, and scary movies

18. Workout together. This one actually can be a lot of fun, try to make the other person laugh while they are serious faced lifting weights.

19. Paint a canvas together. Either each have your own or you have to work together to create something.

20. Grab several bottles of wine and have a wine tasting night. Find cheeses or other food pairings.

21. Take a sunset drive, find a good playlist and just enjoy the simplicity of being together.

22. Play a card game. Heat it up with strip poker! Oh yeah, I went there… πŸ˜‰

23. Breakfast in bed. This one is hard with kids, but if you can pull it off then it sounds like an amazing way to start a day.

24. Download a charades app and have fun laughing together.

25.Go walk your neighborhood. If you see someone you don’t know, say hi!

26. DIY spa night at home. Light the candels, give each other massages, and facials.

27. Plan your next vacation. Plan out all the details and maybe even set a goal date.

28. Beer tasting. Pick up several craft beers or go to your local brewery.

29. Go on a bike ride. Bonus points if you do it on a double seater bike.

30. Wash your cars together.

31. Make ice cream sundaes at home or go to your local ice cream shop.

32. Fishing. 🐟

33.Country dancing. If you don’t have somewhere local to go then turn up the music and dance in your kitchen.

34.Volunteer. Go love on some shelter animals or serve soup to the homeless.

35. Plant a garden together and watch your work grow.

34. Do a Pinterest craft together. Maybe teamwork will help it turn out just as pretty as the OP.

35. Do a large puzzle together.

36. Feed the ducks.

37. Go to a high school sports game, cheer them on!

38. Go to hardware store and build something together. Could be as simple as large Jenga blocks for your backyard.

39. Play a game. Wii or Xbox games count!

40. Draw pictures on the sidewalk and play hopscotch.

41. Go Geo-Caching . What’s that? Download this app

42. Download a karaoke app. Have fun with it even if you can’t sing (like me)

43. Do a photoshoot together. Set up your camera or phone on a tripod and snap pictures that you can treasure forever.

44. Go get tattoos. Wait,What?! It’s just an idea… but sounds thrilling doesn’t it?

45. Ding Dong ditch your best friends (as long as they don’t have kids sleeping) video tape it and send it to them later. 😜

I warned you guys I am getting creative here!

46. Go to local high school theatre or dance production.

47. Scavenger hunt. This one may take some preplanning but could be a lot of fun!

48. Tackle a home project you’ve been wanting to do or procrastinating to do.

49. Paint rocks and leave them somewhere for someone to find. Your town may even have a rock hunting Facebook page so you can see who finds it.

50. Make a couples bucket list together. First bucket list item, do every date night idea on this list.

Hope you enjoy my small town date night ideas, if you have any to add drop them in the comments!

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