5 things I’m currently loving

Every week I want to start sharing 5 things I’m currently loving. My lists will include products, recipes, places, websites, basically anything I’m loving! I will link everything so if you love them too you can purchase, read, try it out through the links I’ll provide. If there something your loving please comment, I love trying out new things especially on recommendation!

1. This Pho recipe The day we got home from spending the holidays in Dallas, I got sick with a sinus infection. Not exactly what I was needing when my to do list had gotten lengthy from being away for over a week. Plus mom being sick isn’t really an option. Nothing makes you feel better than a nice warm, wholesome soup. We love Pho88 here in town but have made this recipe before and it’s amazing.

2. Insulated Socks– I was gifted a pair by a friend and I’m in love! I always have cold feet especially before bed and these babies instantly warm me up. These come in a dozen different styles/colors for less than $15, I may have to order a few more.

3. Couples’ Devotional Bible– A goal this year is to consistently do bible study. I grew up in the church but didn’t do bible study, so it’s all new to me. We were gifted this bible when we got married, I recently reopened it and I really like it because the start of each book explains who’s talking, who they are talking to, the time and a short excerpt of what it’s about. I’m currently reading Proverbs if you want to jump in with me.

4. Google Smart Home – I never really considered making our home a smart home but after we got a Google Home Hub for Christmas we are obsessed. We’ve had a Nest Thermostat for years and love it. We added a nest doorbell and Philips Hue Color Changing Bulbs and love it all. You can also just change out switches which is awesome if you have a bunch of ceiling lights. I love being able to see who’s at the door from the hub or phone if I’m not home which makes me feel much safer being at home alone during the day. Plus, Ryder loves asking google “What does a monkey say?”

5. Homebody Book – Kyle bought this for me awhile back because he loves me and knows me so well. I love that at the beginning of the book she helps you define what mix of styles is “your style”. For me , I am a Boho Modern Farmhouse. She has specific houses that fit within that style and throughout the book you can see pictures of those houses. The book is very well thought out and a great tool for redesigning a space or tackling a renovation. We are about to remodel our kitchen, and this has been an awesome resource for us.


Would love to know what your currently loving, leave me a comment!
xoxo, Michelle

*Im all about supporting small businesses so, If you have something you want me to try, send me an email rowrowblog@gmail.com . If I love it, I’ll include it and you in my weekly post. *

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