Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas for him

Do you get your significant other a Valentine’s Day gift or do you just get something small, like candy, do a nice dinner and date night together? We usually get each other something small but spending the evening together and making a nice dinner at home as a family is a perfect way to spend Valentine’s day with my Valentines. However, I do love scrolling through Instagram and seeing what others are proudly showing off their loved one gave them. If your wanting to get your hubby or boyfriend something, here are a few of my favorite gift ideas for him and a few DIY/Crafty ideas too.

happy valentine's day!

Bespoke Post : A monthly subscription box of goods for the modern man. Kyle gets a box every month and I’m kind of jealous because it’s actually really high quality, cool products that he probably wouldn’t have bought on his own. There are a handful of different boxes you can choose from each month to make sure your getting something you’re interested in. For example, this month, they have a whole box to learn to make torched cocktails, or age your own whiskey, or a Yoga starter pack, plus several other options. This one is worth every penny! GET $20 OFF with link Below.

Get$20 off with this link:


Engraved Cigar Humidor – If your wanting to splurge a little and get him something special, I love this personalized cigar humidor from Etsy. Maybe throw in a few nice cigars to get him started.



Retro Duffel Travel Bag – If you and your guy like the travel, consider getting him this stylish and manly weekender duffel bag from Palm and Peak. 15% off with my code below! My hubby has one he uses for basketball and traveling and loves it! 5 different color options available.

USE CODE: MICHELLE15 @ checkout for 15% off 


Beard Care Kit  – For the man who takes his beard very seriously. If your dating or married to a man that has a beard you already know how meticulous and serious they are about taking care of the masterpiece they worked so hard to grow. This set is a great value!

Hidrate Spark Water Bottle – Great gift idea for the health guy or tech guy. This is the coolest smart water bottle I’ve come across. it will be featured in my next 5 things I’m currently loving Post. We recently bought two of these because they are brilliant! You download their app and setup your personal profile which gives you a water intake goal. Then the bottle flashes when its time to drink up. It will also send clever text reminders to your watch or phone. We’ve had ours for a little over a week now and we still love it! Multiple Colors Available.


5 days of Love– One year I did a 5 days of love where I left a little something every morning for Kyle. Silly things that just let him know I love him. Kids would love this too. You just leave the item somewhere for him to find with the silly note/pun on it.

Day 1: Banana- “I am Bananas for you”

Day 2: Orange Juice- “your my main squeeze”

Day 3. Reese pieces- “I love you to pieces”

Day 4: Cashews: “I’m nuts about you”

Day 5: Valentine’s Day: Chocolates, card & dinner



I love you with all my senses– I’ve always wanted to do a 5 senses gifts, where each gift bag is one of the senses. For example:

Sight: A movie he’s been wanting

Smell: A manly candle. I love Mahogany teak wood from Bath and Body Works.

Taste: Something yummy, Whatever his favorite snack is.

Touch: Massage oil or a soft blanket.

Hear: Ear buds or a new record.

You could spice this one up if your creative, My mom and aunts reads my blog so I chose not to haha.  There’s lots of great ideas for this on Pinterest.

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