5 things I’m currently loving

Every other week I post 5 things I’m currently loving. My lists will include products, recipes, places, websites, basically anything I’m loving! I will link everything so if you love them too you can purchase, read, try it out through the links I’ll provide. 

Would love to know what your currently loving, leave me a comment!

*I’m all about supporting small businesses so, If you have something you want me to try, send me an email rowrowblog@gmail.com . If I love it, I’ll include it and you in my weekly post. *
xoxo, Michelle

  1. Hidrate Water Bottle: Our friend back in Dallas introduced us to this product and Kyle and I both ordered one as soon as we got back to Colorado. It’s a smart water bottle that sends push reminders to your phone to drink up! It flashes with a light as a visual alert as well in case your phones not on you.


2. Grove Collaborative:  You may have seen celebrities or other bloggers promoting this cleaning product company so I decided to check it out for myself a few months ago on a referral code (don’t worry I have one for you below) and y’all, for serious, I am loving it!  I’m never buying cleaning products from the store again. They have over 60 million products to choose from, not just cleaning but personal care, baby products , pet products, and so much more. I just love it! If you want some specific product recommendations let me know!

Get a free 5pc gift set with this >>  REFERAL CODE  <<


3. Uninvited: I got this book for Christmas and finally am reading it! I’m only a few chapters in but am really enjoying it and often finding myself jotted something down or admitting to myself “ugh yep I do that.” It’s a Christian book , which I never thought I’d be a Christian book reader kind of gal but it’s resonating with me. Click the book to find out what it’s all about.

4. New Darlings– I just love this husband wife duo. I have always enjoyed their blog but seeing her talk about her new motherhood journey has been extra special. Plus she has the cutest little pregger belly.

5. Heart Shaped Rice Crispy– I made these last year for Valentine’s Day and they were so cute and good! Can’t wait to make them again this year and maybe dress them up with some heart shaped sprinkles.

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