Kaia Birth Story

My first blog post was Ryder’s Birth story, which you can read HERE , so it seems fitting coming back to my blog that I share Kaia’s birth story.  Which luckily for me was a lot less dramatic but just as special.

At my 36 week appointment, I had a sonogram to check on her size and position. Everything looked good, she was over 6lbs, head down and I was already 90%. Wait what?! 90%?! Kyle was supposed to be heading out of town for his best friends bachelor party that weekend but considering I was showing signs of being ready to go into labor any minute he had to cancel. Well, I did everything I could to keep her cooking awhile longer and we made it to 38 weeks. Even my doctor was a little surprised.

It was a Sunday morning and we decided to go have Breakfast at McDonald’s before church and let Ryder play for a bit. I wasn’t feeling great shortly after getting there so we headed home. Just minutes after getting home I started getting very clear steady contractions. I told my husband today was the day and he said “ok I’m going to go clean the garage, come get me when it’s time to go” You can imagine the look on my face … so 5 mins later I go to get him… haha men. (love you hun even though you crazy)

I was in labor already here and It’s like Nala knew so laid her head on my tummy

We drop Ryder off with our friends and headed to the hospital. We were admitted quickly and everything went exactly as planned with a successful VBAC. At 6:03pm Kaia Lee Sinclair was born in all her perfectness.

Ryder got to meet his sister that night and instantly loved her. The next morning he was so excited to come up and take pictures with his little camera she gifted him. Them meeting and seeing how excited he was about her was one of my favorite moments of 2019.

I wanted to capture that day in a unique way so made this video. Hope you enjoy and can feel the love I have for this little beauty.

XOXO Michelle

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