Installing Door Trim, give your home the character it craves.

One of the main things people have asked us about during this renovation, besides how it’s coming along, is about the trim around the windows and doors. That was truly all Kyle and he has done a great job slowly adding the trim to every window and door as we work on each room. It really is a detail that has elevated the space and gives it a craftsman feel by adding character to the home.

Instead of doing a written Step 1, Step 2 tutorial I did a fun video showing the whole process, it’s not super detailed but I hope it’s helpful. Please ask any questions you may have!

We did smaller trim in this hallway because of how narrow the hallway already is but the rest of house we added another overhang layer to the top.

We did this same process on the windows and just added a base and trim underneath.

It’s amazing how easy it is to add these little details to your home and for fairly cheap! Please ask any questions as I know this isn’t a super detailed how to post!

Xoxo Michelle

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