Kaia’s Room

When we found out we were having another baby due in August 2019, we knew we needed to get creative in creating another kids bedroom. We were in the middle of our kitchen renovation, and getting a new HVAC system but as the days crept closer and my belly grew so did my anxiety of not having a space to bring our daughter home to. So, I called a stop to all kitchen renovation work. Creating another bedroom was the new priority. In short, we did not get our new bedroom done before she arrived and she shared our room for awhile. I was in tears because I felt I was robbed of the experience of creating a special space for our daughter and bringing her home to a construction zone was just too much for my hormonal self to handle. Looking back I am able to see what a humbling experience that actually was. Once she was here none of that mattered, not one little bit. I was reminded this is just a house, the people in it and the memories we create in it are what matter and what make it a home.

Within a few months we did get our new master bedroom (the old bonus room) finished (SEE IT HERE) and I was finally able to put a few of her things up in her room including the crib , but it was far from being the room I wanted for her. We knew we wanted to split the large space into a bedroom for Kaia and the other part into an office. Doing that level of renovation with two young kids around was just not plausible. A year later, after kitchen renovations winded down and he could breath a little again, I booked a trip to go visit family and Kyle planned on tackling the kids rooms and the new office during that week. That morning I took a few quick pictures of the spaces, and left the house trusting my husband could handle all these designs and renovations on his own.


A quick snap of the mess and all before I left town. Goodbye old Master Bedroom.

Once the kids and I were out of the house my husband started moving everything out of the rooms and got to work. One of the first steps was building a wall half way into the room to split the space, this is no easy task incase you were wondering. How many small steps go into a wall going up is crazy, Framing, electrical, sheet rock, taping and bedding, ect. This wasn’t the first wall we added to this house to help improve functionality so this one went a little faster for him thankfully. I didn’t have much time to design the rooms and source supplies before leaving which was a little nerving. I knew I wanted a light dusty pink on the walls and a accent wall where her crib would go. I wanted some moody pink floral wallpaper I found , like REALY WANTED but I just couldn’t afford it at that time. So my solution was to paint the new wall that I originally wanted wallpapered, black and getting a few oversized pink floral decals to attempt the same kind of look. Apparently the black wasn’t coming out too pretty so I sent him a a few other ideas but gave him the reigns since I couldn’t see the space to help solve the problem. At this point he said he got it solved and he wasn’t sending me another photo of the rooms I would have to wait and see it all when I got back , I about died. Honestly, I trust my husband with design (mostly, sometimes I have to reign him back a little) so while it killed me I also had full trust he would execute beautifully.

Master closet and old coat closet are knocked down, this will now be the office.
And like that a wall went up
Office side

When the kids and I finally got back home, he had our daughters room fully done, the front office boxed in with the new door opening and old closet door closed in, and starting on our son’s room. So while he didn’t get everything he wanted done , done, I was impressed with how much he did it a weeks time while still working his main job all day. Bravo hun!

On the plane with the kiddos

So, what did Kyle (my husband) end up doing on that wall? White wide panel shiplap! Which honestly was the perfect settle little accent wall in her sweet dusty light pink room. He also replaced all the trim along the floors and framed in the windows to match the rest of the house and doors, which you can see how we do it HERE. I was so excited to get in there and decorate her space. Overall I love how sweet and simple her room came out and that I was able to learn a few lessons myself along the way in patience, priorities, and trust. Just a another reminder how much renovating this house is also renovating my soul at the same time.

Hope you enjoyed reading, please drop a comment how you think it turned out and give my husband a slow clap for doing all the reno work on his own.

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Michelle Sinclair

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